THANK YOU for visiting our web site. We offer low-cost funeral services, merchandise, and one-price packages. Savings can be more then 40% compared to chain-owned companies. Our family has been providing quality funeral services for over 90 years. Bayview serves all faiths and cemeteries.

The truth is over half of the mortuaries and cremation societies in San Diego County are owned by international conglomerates. These mega-corporations have bought out the majority of companies, and have taken control of costs and services. Bayview Crematory & Burial Services is locally-owned and proud to be part of this community. Your money stays in this community rather than being sent off to some faraway metropolis.  Bayview cares about personalized service at a reasonable price.

We can assure you that any information you may have on file with us will be held in strictest confidence.  Bayview cares about your needs and will provide quiet dignity without extravagance.  You will always have 24-hour access to a trained caring professional who makes your needs a top priority.

Preplanning will eliminate any confusion about ones wishes, and protect loved ones during times of grief when making decisions can be difficult.  Because Bayview cares, NO surprises later, just simple, honest business.  Many people choose this new popular free pre-planning service to save time, and to show others that they have made the thoughtful choice of a low-cost funeral.  If also pre-paid with us, you will be guaranteed that all pre-paid services will not increase.  By contacting Bayview now, we can show you how quick and easy it is to avoid confusion and select valuable service for you and your loved ones.

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