Direct Cremation general price list bottom of page per county

 Plan 1. Direct Cremation See Price Per County Bottom Of Page *

Local transfer of remains, refrigeration, crematory charges up to 300 pounds, minimum services of staff, alternative container, temporary cremated remains container.
* Price above includes $45.00 discount for Direct Cremation when paid in full by check.

 Plan 3. Graveside Burial Service $ 2,400.00  

Local transfer of remains, refrigeration, minimum services of staff, sanitary care, dressing/casketing of remains, coordinate service plans, service vehicle to transfer casketed remains to cemetery, equipment and staff for graveside services and supervision.

 Plan 4. Full Service Funeral Burial or Cremation $ 2,800.00  

Local transfer of remains, refrigeration or embalming,  minimum services of staff, dressing/casketing cosmetics and hair styling. Our facilities for viewing or service for 2 hours or in another facility (your choice) coordinate service plans, hearse to transfer casketed remains to place of service, final place of disposition, equipment and staff for funeral services.

 Plan 7. Viewing with Rental Casket $ 2,460.00  

Local transfer of remains, minimum services of staff, embalming, dressing/casketing of remains, facilities for 2hour viewing and staff services, use of service vehicle, crematory fee up to 300 pounds, solid oak rental casket, alternative container, temporary cremated remains container.

Packages 3 and 4 do not include merchandise, purchaser may not delete from any package, however additions may be made. Any custom additions to a package will require payments in excess of the set package price. For transportation beyond local area, cremation, priority and/or witness cremation, charges will apply, refer to
San Diego County Locations General Price List

Perris, Riverside County Location Website & Price List



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